We began by
re-integrating the site with the surrounding City of Long Beach...



We re-introduced Chestnut and Cedar Streets to the Civic Center—to make it more open and inviting to pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. Next, we extended 1st Street across the site—to connect east to west. These simple actions form an urban framework of smaller blocks that knits the downtown back together and creates a new pedestrian environment, similar to what exists in other areas of Long Beach and in cities that have undergone successful revitalization. Our integrated master plan provides for:

  • Strongly linking the Civic Center to the Metro—building on the growing bikeway system
  • Connecting community space, residential, and civic core
  • A civic plaza space that seamlessly links to the park and retail corridor, allowing events from 200 to 20,000 to be conducted safely and efficiently
  • Bigger gathering space + public space
  • A plaza that runs along 1st Street and ends with a transparent façade of the Council Chambers
  • An elegant design