The Jewel of the Park — your new Community Library!



The largest new amenity in the Park is the new 93,000 square foot Main Public Library located in the northern end of the revitalized Lincoln Park. Conceived as a warm, inviting place with its wood beamed ceilings and glassy façades, the Library is open to the park and nature with infusion of natural light. Its deep overhanging roofs provide excellent shading allowing for a greater use of glass and creates a porch-like civic space overlooking the Park, blurring the line between the interior and exterior. The Library is a social place, multi-use by design, and available to individuals, groups, or events.

The Library contains all of the services provided in the existing Library in a spatially and operationally more efficient building, including new features, such as:

  • Climate controlled and accessible spaces to protect and preserve the Library’s special collections
  • Increased access to library materials and additional services for the disabled population through an expanded ICPD, including new individual study and tutoring rooms, expanded large print, and audio collections
  • Spaces to feed the creative minds of the community including group study rooms, collaborative workrooms, and an expanded studio space
  • Quiet spaces that include lounge chairs located far from the noise of the main entrance and Market Place where an individual can sit, read, and enjoy the park views
  • Updated whimsical and age appropriate children’s spaces will include an early childhood area to accommodate family activities such as classes on nutrition with mini kitchens, tool benches, and a mini-maker space for young minds to grow
  • Spaces that capture the hearts and minds of teens now through high-end multimedia workstations, group study rooms, and casual seating in a relaxed library environment
  • All spaces will accommodate use of personal technology, including unlimited access to free WiFi and power sources at nearly every reader seat
  • An energy efficient library with motion sensors, cost saving light fixtures, easily cleaned surfaces, durable materials, and photovoltaics
  • Lounge seating, oversized tables, climate control, and quiet areas, and more social, group spaces