PECP has designed an iconic downtown Civic Center that Long Beach can be proud of for years to come.



Our proposal dedicates more dollars to key public spaces such as the lobby, civic plaza, and Council Chambers. We also invest in elements that save energy and promote a healthy workplace. As result, the civic buildings proposed by the PECP team consume just 25% of the energy of those in the current Civic Center. Our designed City Hall is highly efficient, flexible, and sustainable—incorporating an array of features from under-floor air distribution to extensive use of photovoltaic energy generation and natural light.

What does that mean to the government workers and the public         they serve?

  • More efficient City business
  • A more transparent government
  • A healthy environment
  • Inter-department collaboration
  • Better customer service

What does that mean to the public?

  • A modern Civic Center to be proud of
  • A place to gather to celebrate democracy
  • A safe, inviting, and well-planned government service center