What makes the PECP team's approach so unique?

There are many reasons why the PECP team has the best plan for revitalizing the new Long Beach Civic Center.

The PECP team members have worked in Long Beach for many years and have given back to the community over that time—we're committed to the City and community.


  • Our team's combined history of delivering civic projects has allowed us to focus first on the civic elements of the site and create an area that residents can be proud and feel safe to visit 

  • Our commercial, hotel, and residential development naturally fits into the site. More residents will trigger further development and combined with the civic elements will  provide a 24/7 atmosphere, reinvigorating the heart of the City
  • Our proposal generates over 8,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs
  • Our plan produces over $1.0 million in annual taxes—hotel and property taxes will flow directly into the City of Long Beach

No more cost to the City

  • The PECP plan offers the best value for the City. The City will get brand new facilities for less money than they would spend maintaining a civic center today if system replacements and upgrades were properly addressed.
  • Even with this higher-quality build, the City will only be responsible for paying the annual costs of the current facility over the next 40 years. The PECP team will deliver all the components of the civic center listed here with no additional taxes to the citizens of Long Beach. 
  • Our proposal guarantees the replacement, repair, and maintenance of the Civic Center over the next 40 years—a commitment that is backed up by a Fortune 100 company. Our proposal provides more value to the City in the long run, through a building that is less expensive to operate and maintain (even though the up-front cost is a little more), and that will likely have a much longer "life."
  • One of our team's main goals is to be smart about cost on this unique and important public investment, so we invested in those points of quality that provide the most significant impacts to the City and its citizens, including:
    • The creation of energy-efficient LEED certified workspaces
    • An open, modern office environment to help encourage collaboration and work flow efficiency for City and Port staff
    • Maximizing available funding through an efficient financing structure and allocating the available construction budget to the most important civic components
    • The creation of the largest Park and Library possible
    • New opportunities for partnerships with the arts community, including a new public art commission
    •  An art and history cultural loop to display and celebrate the rich history of Long Beach at the civic center, and filled both with community amenities art, history, plantings, and event spaces
    • A large, landscaped civic plaza that gives greater access to public functions
    • Glass-encased Council Chambers to anchor the public space, symbolizing the transparency of City government

Want more information about the PECP team approach?

Click here to download the PECP team's proposals and presentations.