The New Long Beach Civic Center Project will bring to downtown a revitalized civic core to serve local residents and businesses, attract visitors and provide safe and efficient city operations to serve the citizens of Long Beach. The $520 million, design-build-finance-operate-maintain civic center will replace the old city hall and provide efficient new offices for the Port of Long Beach, a new city library and a retail marketplace and public park that will serve residents and visitors of Long Beach for years to come.

Master Plan Design

Plenary Edgemoor Civic Partners began its exploration of the Long Civic Center by talking to residents from the many neighborhoods of Long Beach. The residents of Long Beach are seeking a city center with a heart…one to be proud of. The design achieves a place where the diversity and richness of Long Beach comes together in one new civic center.

The simple elegance of the New Civic Center plan brings new state-of-the-art facilities, new residents and new vitality to Long Beach to make the Civic Center a place that’s truly “of and for the people of Long Beach.”


December 11, 2017 – Happy Holidays! The Long Beach Civic Center Project has made much progress as we approach the end of 2017. At City Hall & Port of Long Beach HQ Buildings, the project continues to ascend, nearly approaching the completion of the concrete and rebar structures for each. As of early December, the buildings have progressed up to the completion of the level 9 concrete floor slab at the City Hall Building and the completion of half the level 9 concrete floor slab at the Port HQ. Additionally, curtain wall installation has commenced on the exterior of City Hall. For these two 11-story buildings, “topping out” is on track for mid-quarter one 2018.

At the Library, structural timber is beginning to be erected via crane. The structural steel columns are standing tall, having previously been installed.

In terms of construction materials, the project in total has included a large magnitude of components to advance the three buildings to their current heights: 42,500 cubic yards of concrete, 8.8 million pounds of reinforcement members, and 350 tons of structural steel. We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress!

New Civic Center Design

New Civic Center Design

Click the image below to watch a video overview of the Long Beach Civic Center design concepts.

Civic Center Masterplan

Our Project will re-introducd Chestnut and Cedar Streets to the Civic Center—to make it more open and inviting to pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. Next, we will extend 1st Street across the site—to connect east to west. These simple actions will form an urban framework of smaller blocks that will knit the downtown back together and create a new pedestrian environment, similar to what exists in other areas of Long Beach and in cities that have undergone successful revitalization. Our integrated master plan provides for:

  • Strongly linking the Civic Center to the Metro—building on the growing bikeway system

  • Connecting community space, residential, and civic core

  • A civic plaza space that seamlessly links to the park and retail corridor, allowing events attended by 200 to 20,000 people to be conducted safely and efficiently

  • Bigger gathering space + public space

  • A plaza that runs along 1st Street and ends with a transparent façade of the Council Chambers

  • An elegant design

City Hall and Port Building

The building design focuses key public spaces such as the lobby, civic plaza, and Council Chambers. We are also investing in elements that save energy and promote a healthy workplace. As a result, the new city hall is expected to consume just 25% of the energyof the current building. Our designed City Hall is highly efficient, flexible, and sustainable—incorporating an array of features from under-floor air distribution to extensive use of photovoltaic energy generation and natural light.
What does that mean to the government workers and the public they serve?

  • More efficient City business

  • A more transparent government

  • A healthy environment

  • Inter-department collaboration

  • Better customer service

What does that mean to the public?

  • A modern Civic Center to be proud of

  • A place to gather to celebrate democracy

  • A safe, inviting, and well-planned government service center

New Park

The largest new amenity in the Park is the new 92,500 square foot Main Public Library located in the northern end of the revitalized Lincoln Park. Conceived as a warm, inviting place with its wood beamed ceilings and glassy façades, the New Main Library will open to the park and nature with infusion of natural light. Its deep overhanging roofs will provide excellent shading, allowing for a greater use of glass and create a porch-like civic space overlooking the Park, blurring the line between the interior and exterior. The Library is a social place, multi-use by design, and will beavailable to individuals, groups, or events.

The New Main Library will contain all of the services provided in the existing Library in a spatially and operationally more efficient building, including new features, such as:

  • Climate controlled and accessible spaces to protect and preserve the Library’s special collections

  • Increased access to library materials and additional services for the disabled population through an expanded ICPD, including new individual study and tutoring rooms, expanded large print, and audio collections

  • Spaces to feed the creative minds of the community including group study rooms, collaborative workrooms, and an expanded studio space

  • Quiet spaces that include lounge chairs located far from the noise of the main entrance and Market Place where an individual can sit, read, and enjoy the park views

  • Dedicated children’s space for young minds to grow

  • Spaces for teens with group study rooms, and casual seating in a relaxed library environment

  • All spaces will accommodate use of personal technology, including access to Wi-Fi and power sources

  • An energy efficient library with motion sensors, cost-saving light fixtures, easily cleaned surfaces, durable materials

  • Lounge seating, oversized tables, climate control, quiet areas, and more social, group spaces.

The new Main Library will be operated by the Long Beach Public Library Staff.  An overview of Library events and programs are available at Library Services:

3rd & Pacific Commercial

Commercial development in the 3rd Street/Pacific area is planned as an apartment complex of up to 200 units. The Sares Regis Group (SRG), a pre-eminent developer and provider of comprehensive commercial and residential real estate services throughout the Western United States. For decades, SRG Commercial has created value for users and investors through commercial real estate development, investment and property.

For more information please visit:

Mid-Block Commercial

Commercial and residential development naturally fits into the site. More residents will trigger further development and, combined with the civic elements, will provide a 24/7 atmosphere that will reinvigorate this heart of the City. 


Centered between the work area of the civic block and the play area of the park and library are new residences. This mixed-use development includes a 36-story tower with marquise residences and a hotel.  Key features of the residences include:

  • Safe, urban, and family-friendly environment

  • Access to the park, retail, marketplace and events, and the arts

  • Pools, bike stations and valet lockers, dog spas, community rooms converge, and other first-class amenities

  • Ocean and city views

  • Central location with easy access to several transportation options


Our vision for this urban courtyard is a retail experience that complements local and independent businesses, spilling onto the sidewalks to create a lively pedestrian environment. Our commercial vision includes:

  • Focus on farm-to-table and organic, locally produced fare...and casual, market-like environments with unique food concepts that align with the diversity of Long Beach cultures and cuisines

  • Celebrate the culture of the City

  • Emphasize opportunities for local entrepreneurs and businesses over national or regional chains

  • Retail that goes beyond daily needs to promote interaction, learning, discovery, and community

  • A culture that emphasizes consumer-centric customization, local and independent business, and consumption that aligns with Long Beach community values

For commercial leasing and development inquiries, please contact us using the link above.